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Motivation for the Gray-Haired CrossFit Crowd

For the past few weeks, I’ve occasionally struggled with my motivation. This has caused me to think quite a bit about this topic and, in particular, where motivation comes from for the ‘more-seasoned’ athlete.

Below are some considerations that come to mind:

  1. There’s always someone even older and, therefore, inspiring. - Like this 76 year old competitor or this 77 year old coming back from numerous major surgeries. I might feel like a geezer at 56 but there are countless folks older and more challenged than myself. I should just get on with it.
  2. You’re curious to know how this all plays out. - Will an aggressive exercise regimen mean that I’ll look like an Adonis when I'm 80 and hanging out at my Florida condo? Or am I using up too many of a precious amount of finite heartbeats by jumping onto boxes and doing burpees? There’s only one way to know for sure. 
  3. It’s better than being the old guy at the night club. - I’m at the age where I can’t comfortably fit in at a night club. Heck, it’s been, at least, a couple decades since that was the case. That said, it’s still not too late to hang out with the ‘cool kids’. Getting into a CrossFit box will allow you to mingle with younger folks that would, in pretty much any other setting, be a little skeeved out by your presence.
  4. I love cake. - Life is about balance. My balance is created by doing a freakish amount of thrusters and leveling that out with a hefty slice of heavily-frosted chocolate cake.
  5. The afterglow is amazing. - As much as I might loath a workout laden with handstand push-ups, that nauseous pre-workout anxiety will soon be trumped by the joyous post-workout feeling of laying in a pool of chalk-infused sweat.
  6. The connection of the community. - I spend my day sitting at a desk and looking at three monitors in relative solitude. I drive two or more hours to work each day with my radio to keep my company. I live in a rural area and the ‘person’ that I spent the most time with is my dog Abbey. Even for a devote introvert like myself, a chance to engage with the diverse CrossFit crew is a pleasant change. 
  7. It’s a respite from the madness or the mundane. - I know a few folks that walk or ride their bike to work. That provides them with a chance to unwind from the workday. For myself, a stop at the box on the way home dissipates the tension of the workday. A few deadlifts and that tool from Human Resources becomes a distant memory.
  8. I hate other sports for ‘people my age’. - Many of my peers have given up perspiration-based exercise for things like golf. I both suck at and hate golf. I’m not keen on a sport that takes four or five hours to complete and includes drinking beer and riding in carts. I still prefer activities that require a shower afterwards and leave me a little sore the next day.
  9. It makes the rest of my life possible. - I still like to chop wood, hike with my dog, go bodysurfing at the beach and even help my sister with putting in and taking out her air conditioners. My ability to live this active lifestyle is enabled by the fitness that I gain by WODing.
  10. I like being a bit more able than my average peer. - I like the idea of defying the typical norm for someone my age. The stereotype suggests that I should be spending more time in a recliner than on a rowing machine. My goal is to someday to be one of those 70 year old CrossFitters that I admire today.