Rx Or Time
Baby Steps (and Double Unders)

Good Day/Bad Day

Yesterday's WOD was a whole lot of jerks. I was happy to work up to doing a set of five jerks at 185 pounds. I felt like I had more in the tank and could have done a heavier set. I'll now have that in mind when this WOD comes back around. I then knocked out 22 reps at 135 pounds in two-minutes. I could have done more if I'd rested when having the bar on my chest instead of holding it overhead. Another lesson for the next time around. 

Today's WOD was a 12-minute AMRAP for 12 HSPUs, 12 burpee box jumps and a 12-calorie row. I only muddled my way through 2 rounds plus 9 reps. I suck at HSPUs, lagged through the burpee box jumps and I've never been a very good rower. 

I'm a grinder and will show up whether the WOD suits me or not. Today's WOD wasn't a lot of fun for me but I feel like I'm beginning to turn the corner. The potential key? Focusing on enjoying my workouts versus being anxious about my performance.