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Motivation for the Gray-Haired CrossFit Crowd

Baby Steps (and Double Unders)

More than two years of CrossFit and I've never really got the hang of double unders. Part of this was starting CrossFit with a pair of really sore feet and another other was having my limited 'hops' degraded by age. I also didn't spend a ton of time practicing. I did practice a number of hours but I never seem to quite get it. 

At Crossfit Brickyard, we have one day a month that is 'bring a friend' day. Due to this, the workout is typicaly made up of movements that a novice can manage. 

Today's workout was a 12-minute AMRAP that included 20 double unders, 15 sit-ups and 10 lunges with each leg will holding a 20-pound med ball. After speaking with the coach, I decided to try the workout with double versus scaling to singles. 

Now the bad news is that I was only able to do 5 rounds. The great news was that I did double instead of scaling to single unders. That means I did 100 double unders. They weren't pretty but it was a baby step toward scratching this goat off my list. 

I'll take it (especially since triple unders are, evidently, a new thing).