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GHD Sit-Ups = Improved Toes-To-Bar

Toes-to-Bar is still not a strength of mine but it's certainly improved. 

During the 2014 CrossFit Open, I could only do 1 toes-to-bar. Just a single rep.

During Friday's WOD, I did 40. I didn't fly through them unbroken but I managed them reasonably and could have done plenty more. 

One of the reasons is likely my almost daily focus on GHD sit-ups. I've been aiming to do 100 GHD sit-ups before each class to help strengthen my core. Since cancer surgery a few years ago, my core has been a weakness and I've been using the GHDs to help with that. An unexpected but welcome result has been my improvement at other things like hollow rocks, toes-to-bar and even kipping pull-ups.