Crossfit Suggestions for the Gray-Haired Crowd

Death By Strict Press


I started this blog with my mother's obituary. It may seem like an odd choice but I'd created this online journal just prior to my mother's hospitalization two weeks ago. Not surprisingly, my focus has been on being with my mother and family since she entered into the hospital on November 1st. The past two weeks have been spent sitting in an intensive care room, eating horrible sorts of food, getting small amounts of fitful sleep and experiencing wild swings in emotion. 

My mother's wake is tomorrow and her funeral the next day. It will be a few days before we begin trying to bring our routine back to something close to normal. I'll hope that this is the case and will use my mother's memory to provide additional inspiration. 

As with other blogs that I've maintained, this is meant to become a journal of my ongoing CrossFit journey. I used a similar method to track my jujitsu journey ( until I was promoted to black belt. Over the past two years, I've switched my attention to CrossFit.

The intent of this blog to focus on the adventures of an older athlete as I'm 56. Not an elite athlete either. I've always loved sports and athletics but I wasn't blessed with great athleticism. I try to make up for that with determination. For example, I attended 27 CrossFit classes during the month of October. 

Today, I was back and looking forward to getting into the groove again. 

Today's workout: Death by Strict Press

Today's result: 12 complete round plus 11 reps @ 95 pounds

Extra work: 100 GHD sit-ups

Overall grade for the day: A-

Diet grade for the day: Well, get into that at a later time...